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Colorful Balloons

Celebrate with us!

Let's make your next event stand out!


Make it your own

Our team can gladly plan activities based on your party theme and interests. This allows for a fun customized experience.

Craft Included

Choose an art activity for your attendees to do together. This works as a great party favor for your attendees to bring home.

Ex. Friendship Bracelets, Paint-a-long, Party Hat making, Melting Beads, etc.

Private Space

Our studio space provides a wide, open lit, and private space for you to make memories.

Dance, Dance!

Let us know what type of dance you would like incorporated: Jazz, Hip-hop, Ballet.

Dancing activities and games are a must to put those cake-induced sugar rushes to use! Musical Chairs, Drama games, Freeze Dance, and more options for a fun active time.

Party Balloons
Birthday Surprise

Price Breakdown

$199 for 10 kids

$12.99 for additional kids up to 20

Dance & Art Activities included


Food, Drinks, Additional Decorations not provided.

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