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As a dancer, choreographer, and educator with over 20 years experience my focus has always been to empower and inspire students of all ages to discover themselves through different forms of art. I teach with energy, investment, and integrity, while creating an inclusive environment for everyone to feel part of a bigger family.


When facilitating an experience for the students, I seek to provide meaningful opportunities to engage in; Allow them to try different techniques, skills, and programs to find the one that feels right. I give all students the opportunity to shine in class and on stage! Everyone deserves to be in the spotlight! I believe when students are given the opportunities and a studio of teachers who believe in them the skies the limit. We have watched students blossom and become stronger leaders within the studio.


 In my teaching practice, I always partner up with my teaching team to give and receive feedback, to brainstorm, to analyze, and ultimately to invest in each other’s success. I feel its important to listen and hear what someone is suggesting for a best practice. Learn through one another and add value to the team. Their success is the studios success!


 As a dance educator, I approach the studio as a safe space that is open to all participants’ ideas and thoughts. I invite the students to be a part of this shared experience and process. I encourage my students to contribute their own movements to choreography or centre work. By sharing this experience and allowing the students to be involved with the process of choreography helps develop life skills. It teaches them to be confident and be willing to think outside the box to help put together the end results. Teamwork is the number one skill learned in the studio. They learn to trust, rely on and challenge one another to be successful. Friendships built here last a lifetime.

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Our mission is to instill a passion and love for the arts, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline, and respect for one another while learning through teamwork. Our goal is to give each individual student the tools they need to be successful, challenge themselves, value the gift of the arts and develop long lasting friendships. The studio welcomes everyone into our family.


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